<u>Info on races. Mechanics don't change but each have extra flavor.</u>

<u>Halflings</u>: The Smaller folk have only been seen in the past couple of generations. The first generation told inquiring minds that they fled a far off land. This is a complete lie. When among their own kind there are whispered stories of being liberated from a deep subterranean realm.

<u>Gnomes</u>: An entire race created by the iron empire. Gnomes natural inclination towards magic and artifice is a not an accident. Engineered to be resilient to and assist with the manipulation of magic Gnomes were instrumental in creating many of the empire’s mystic engines of war. It is said that a gnome designed the first airship which are now used by much of the empire.

<u>Dwarves</u>: Exiled from their mountain home the dwarves of Sanctum carry a bit of the earth with them. A dwarf’s skin both has the color and likeness of metal. Each clan of dwarf has skin of different metal. Every dwarf knows that eventually their time on this world runs out. They call that the rusting. When a dwarf’s spirit leaves it’s body it becomes a metal statue.

<u>Half-Orc</u>s: Heirs to a bygone civilization. Before the Iron Empire there was the kingdom of bone which was ruled by the Orcs. A great plague wiped out most of this civilization long before the first human boot set foot upon the shores of Sanctum. It is said that in times long before ancient that Orcs were smarter and more magically adept than the Elves.

<u>Dragonborn</u>: Born from the fragments of Bahamut that touched down upon Sanctum upon his death. The 777 Original Dragonborn were created. Now each Dragonborn carries within them a portion of this power, shown in their scales and made evident by their breath weapon.

<u>Elves</u>: Hailing from the north eastern part of Sanctum the eleven lands comprise of 3 islands and a dense forest on the main land. Elves do not die from old age. Elves can still be killed by trauma, disease, or many other means. The only thing they are immune to are the ravages of time. Elven souls are powerful but do now pass into the Aether. Each Elf carries with it a A soulgem to house their essence should their bodies expire. If an Elf dies without their soulgem near they are doomed to wander Sanctum for eternity as an undead.

<u>Humans</u>: Not originally native to Sanctum the race of men has flourished and become the dominant race upon the land. Their homelands lost to the mists of time. It is said that they were driven out of where they came from by demons of blood and steel. Every so often some brave or foolish soul takes a boat into the mists surrounding Sanctum and they are usually never seen from again.

<u>Tieflings</u>: Also known as the accursed. These are the descendants of the founders of the 2nd kingdom. When there kingdom fell on the Night of Black Sun it is said that every man woman and child had the evil of that night etched upon their spirits. Curiously enough Tieflings seem to be the only ones unaffected by the miasma that suffuses the blighted lands.


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